Sunday, April 27, 2008

Return to Return to Forever

About a week ago when I read the news of Return To Forever's most popular line-up (Chick Corea, Al DiMeola, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White) reuniting for an extensive summer tour and possible new album, I initially thought about writing a lengthy sarcastic rant. But, it turned out, a page later in Downbeat's "The Question Is" section Cuong Vu had put it perfectly:

"Is it being put together because there's a new musicial direction and concept in place that only these musicians can realize? Yeah, right... It's not going to be the same, kind of like seeing all those upper-30-something women get into a frenzy for a Duran Duran reunion tour."

That's right, that was Cuong Vu, a young trumpet player who gained notice from playing with none other than the Pat Metheny Group attacking Return to Forever for selling out.

The next post on this blog is going to contain substantive reviews of new albums by The Free-Form Funky Freqs and Fieldwork, I promise.

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